Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Vision & Values

At Brooklands Primary School, we aim to provide all of our children with the high-quality education and enrichment opportunities they need to develop their knowledge and skills both academically and personally, in order to prepare them for an amazing future.

Our Vision

We believe that when learners are curious they ask questions about the world around them and learning becomes a part of their whole life; beyond the walls of the classroom and the school gate. Curiosity builds a love of learning and a drive to discover answers for themselves.

We believe that when children are confident they maintain a voice, they articulately and respectfully speak out; ensuring their opinions are heard and they are thereby increasingly instrumental in their own learning.

We believe that when pupils are involved, they ask questions about what they are learning and why they are learning. Pupils mix and work alongside a wide range of people and they see their roles and responsibilities in the bigger picture of their local community as well as their world!

We know that when learners are independent they have a greater understanding of what helps them to learn and how they can find strategies to improve. Our curriculum strives to foster all of these skills in our pupils, starting in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and incorporating our innovative curriculum offering Forest School, ‘Big Outcomes’ and Aspiration and Achievement Week. 

In addition to our five core values of kindness, creativity, resilience, cooperation and respect we also place a high priority on British Values which we value as our own.


We believe these are the ‘keys to success’ and combined with our teaching approach, they prepare our children for their futures. We ensure that our curriculum provides many opportunities to hone these lifelong skills. We believe that if these skills are developed in all our learners, they will be well-equipped to thrive in our ever-changing and challenging world, enabling choice and opening up options for their futures. 

Our Values

Our school values are respect, resilience, cooperation, creativity and kindness. We support children to understand and demonstrate these values in their learning and throughout their wider school experiences.
House points have been used in schools for many years (long before Harry Potter and Hogwarts were established!) and they form our whole school reward system at Brooklands. It encourages and promotes a team ethos across the school and allows children of all ages to have a common goal.
At Brooklands, we link our core values to our house points system so they are prominent every day in school. Every child from Reception to Year 6 is assigned to a house named after our five school values - Kindness, Resilience, Creativity, Cooperation and Respect. Each house also has teaching and support staff allocated to them to lead house events which will take place once a term. House points can be awarded and given out as a recognition of achievement for individual children. Points are given for going above and beyond, sporting achievements, great learning and demonstrating the values of the school.

Being part of the Maritime Academy Trust, we strive for success though underpinning the Maritime behaviours: