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At Brooklands we have deliberately chosen not have a school uniform. Instead, we prefer to allow children and their parents/carers a choice in what they wear to school, encouraging individuality, personal taste and style.  We simply expect children to be dressed sensibly and practically, ready to enjoy a busy day at school.

We are aware that children can get competitive about clothes and it can become the basis of unpleasant behaviour, but these are not issues we are seeing at Brooklands and not ones that are raised with us by parents.

We don’t believe that our children need a uniform to instill respect, discipline and a sense of belonging. Our culture and ethos ensure that Brooklands children have all of these.

The following safety arrangements need to be followed, however, to ensure children are able to play and learn safely:

  • No jewellery
  • Shoulders must be covered
  • Shoes must have straps around the heel (i.e. no flip-flops)

We also insist that all clothing is labelled so that it can be returned to your child if it gets lost. The school and staff will not take any responsibility for returning clothing which is not labelled.


PE Kit

Children need to have a PE kit in school in a separate bag which they can leave in their cloakroom:

  • white t-shirt
  • black shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms
  • trainers or plimsolls

Children may also choose to have a black sweatshirt for cooler weather and a leotard for dance and gymnastics.