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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Pupil Voice

At the beginning of each year each class votes for their members of the pupil voice. Each person that wants to represent the class needs to put forward reasons why they should be the class representative. Once each candidate has had this opportunity the children then vote for their representatives.

What we do?

We have regular Pupil Voice Meetings where we decide on what needs addressing in the school. We then feedback from our classes and come up with plans.

What have achieved?

  • We help run events at the summer and Christmas Fairs.
  • We have run several fancy-dress parties for all of you to attend.
  • We have decided on what new playground equipment is needed?
  • We have raised money for various charities and we have organised different events for the fund raising?
  • We also ran the competition to design the pattern for our new classroom.