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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Lead Teacher
Mrs Sarah Armstrong (Co-Head of School)

Pupil Premium Funding

Pupil premium is government funding provided to schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and to close the gaps between them and their peers. It is to provide opportunities and experiences to improve the outcomes for those children.

At Brooklands we use the Pupil Premium to ensure that our most vulnerable children are given opportunities with additional support to enhance their development and educational attainment.

Full Strategy Statement available here


  • Children enter Brooklands at low starting places, particularly in communication, language and literacy and with a paucity of vocabulary.  This impacts on phonics teaching and attention and listening skills.
  • Children enter Brooklands with low levels of resources, including books of the correct level.
  • Children are unable to access technology and make use of apps.
  • The growing aspiration gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged, means experiences are not aligned.
  • Some children find self-regulation, critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving challenging.
  • Children’s attendance is not in line with national and persistent absence is above national.

Desired outcomes

  • Reduce the gap between non PP and PP children’s attainment, particularly at GDS.
  • Implementation of Read Write Inc. increases the percentage of PP children passing the Phonics Check.
  • Implementation of Read Write Inc. increases the percentage of PP children reaching EXP and GDS in reading and writing.
  • All children, without complicating factors, are fluent readers by the end of KS1.
  • Write Dance supports fine motor control and letter formation in the Early Years.
  • Interventions to support fine motor control in KS1
  • Attendance for PP children improves and persistent absence reduces

Actions in place to support these outcomes

Additional adult support in class

Intervention groups

Booster sessions

Emotional Literacy program

Robust whole class reading program

Learning Mentor support

Delivery of the NELI programme

Well-being team support

More KS2 reading fluency books 

Regular progress meetings to ascertain progress and need for additional support

Support given is targeted and measured for impact

All assessment systems involved rigorous analysis and next steps identified