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Current Topic - Light & Dark

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Welcome to our Nursery,


At Brooklands we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phonics scheme, created by the DfES. If you would like some more information about this phonics scheme, and phonics in general, the following website gives a basic overview for parents as well as links to games and resources you may like to use with your children to support their learning: 



At Brooklands we support the key early years learning goals such as counting, mathematical language and pattern recognition through a wide range of games and activities. Making it fun and interactive for the Nursery children.

In Maths we have been thinking about patterns and trying to complete colour patterns. We have done a great job this week but still need a bit more practice. This website was great in supporting our pattern learning. 


 We then went on to think about shapes, 2d (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon) and 3d shapes (sphere, cuboid, cube cylinder).  We thought about the ways to describe these shapes and how many faces etc they have. This website was great in supporting our shape learning

Throughout the year we do lots of learning about Number. We sing number songs and play number games. We practice writing our numbers and using numbers to do calculations.


Take a look at some of our previous topics:

'The animal world'

We have been learning all about the animal world including the farm, mini-beasts and jungle. 



Nursery have been enjoying the hot weather.With lots of exploring outside including minibeast hunts!!

We have been using Caterpillars to help us with out counting by adding the correct number of spots to the Caterpillars body.

Spring topic ....

We have been reading lots of Traditional tale stories, Little red riding hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella and the Paper bag Princess.

We have been acting the stories out and role playing. We made masks and re told the stories thinking about sequencing the events and the characters.

The childrens interests led us to learn about Dragons. We read the story of George and the Dragon.  


We thought about Dragon eggs and what they look like. We first designed our eggs. We then went outside and found dragon eggs. We painted the eggs and decorated them with special sequins.


To introduce our topic we decided to make magic wands.  We collected sticks from forest school, decorated them and put a magic star on then end. Be careful when entering Nursery we are practising our spells, you might get turned into a frog!!!


 We then wrote our magic spells down .......................... ABRACADABRA


We have been learning all about magic and even made our own 'spells' after reading the Meg and Mog stories! 












After settling into Nursery we decided our first topic would be ‘Light and Dark’ but in Early Years we always let the children’s interests guide our topics, so they often have twists and turns along the way! So far we have learnt about Fireworks and Halloween. We created amazing fireworks pictures out of paint and pastels, they are displayed on our ‘Light and Dark’ display in the Nursery. 


We have also been thinking about what we see in the day time and what we see at night and creating pictures. The children have been very interested in learning about animals at this time of year so this week we have decided to learn about nocturnal animals, and animals that hibernate in winter. We especially love owls! We have been reading the stories ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ for inspiration

At Nursery we were really excited for Christmas! We read lots of Christmas stories and sang lots of Christmas songs. We made Christmas cards and wrote letters to Father Christmas. The home corner in Nursery was a Santa’s grotto!!! We even took part in the nativity performance being stars.


We have been reading the story of Rainbow fish and thinking about how we can do good sharing at Nursery. We made multi-coloured fish to support our learning.