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British Values at Brooklands

British Values

It is ours, and every school's responsibility to promote the fundamental British values: democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

These British values are woven into every part of our highly creative, entrepreneurial  curriculum at Brooklands.  Here are some examples of how we do it:


Class Rules & Codes of Conduct

Each year every class sets their rules and codes of conduct together with the rights and responsibilities associated with these.  Everyone in the class, including ALL staff, sign up to them.  As they are included in setting them, children understand why the rules matter and also decide what the consequences of not adhering to these agreed rules are.


School Council

Members of our school council are pupils elected by their peers.  Each child writes a personal statement to support their candidacy and the children vote on who is best to represent them.  The school council are consulted frequently on a wide range of issues throughout the school year by staff and by the Governing body who hold regular “pupil voice” sessions.  Council members use their classes to canvass opinion and are taught to take the responsibility of representing their peer’s interests seriously.


Children as Leaders

We run several projects across every school year where the children are encouraged and enabled to take the lead in running them.  The children come up with ideas and then vote on what projects they’d like to take through to fruition. Projects have been: Survival Day, Masquerade ball, Halloween disco and organising the christmas fair.


PSHE Topics

We run a programme of PSHE topics using assembly time and separate sessions and ensure, through our weekly newsletter, that parents always know what we’ve been talking with the children about in order to encourage further discussion at home.  Our secure school atmosphere means children are able to develop and express their own views and opinions whilst always respecting the ideas and beliefs of their peers.  Children are taught to be aware of and responsible for their own emotional responses and they learn how to express them healthily.



Standards of behaviour at Brooklands are outstanding.  Our children have ownership over their codes of conduct and expectations are clear.  We value, and therefore insist, that everyone at Brooklands works to create an atmosphere of kindness and mutual respect.  Children know that our creative curriculum is workable because they can be trusted to behave so well.


Peer Tuition

Our Year 6 pupils offer younger pupils tuition.  The tutoring sessions have been outstanding in that they encourage empathy, responsibility, kindness and respect amongst everyone taking part.


Nurturing & Empowering

Brooklands provides a safe environment for children to thrive.  We set the right balance between risk taking and appropriate boundaries to nurture a ‘can-do’ mindset in our children within a supportive and caring atmosphere.  Pupils are encouraged to be individuals, to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms safely, for example through our e-safety guidance and PSHE lessons. 


Pupil/Staff Relationships

A key strength at Brooklands is the relationship between all our staff and the pupils.  We encourage mutual respect and this is evident every day in how we speak to eachother and how we celebrate  and reward thoughtfulness and kindness.  Visitors to our school and members of the public who see us out and about on the many trips we go on, comment positively.  We have a clear and embedded policy on how people should be spoken to whether it is child-to-child, adult-to-child or vice versa and adult-to-adult.  Though we embrace debate and differing opinions, from the governing body down throughout the school, we value and respect one another and we show this by using good manners in all our interactions.


Providing Cultural Understanding

We promote tolerance of different faiths, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles by helping our children understand their place in the wonderful, culturally diverse capital city in which they are growing up.  We provide many opportunities to experience diversity through visits and visitors. We visit a range of different places of worship and we also invite different speakers into the school.


Our Community

Our children, staff, parents and governors are immensely proud to of our state school.  Through our creative curriculum we frequently invite our community in to school to see what the children have achieved.  We run a coffee shop, regular class assemblies, Men’s camping nights which have a fun, party atmosphere and give our children (and their male carers) a unique and magical experience of school, plus we have winter and summer fairs and social evenings like quiz nights.  We work hard to welcome and include everyone at our school.