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Outline of Project:

Research conducted by Leo Academy found that the digital sector now accounts for 7.7% of the UK economy and the Government has long since recognised that digital skills are an essential part of the UK’s long-term economic success. Digital inclusion is vital to employment participation, economic development, educational achievement, social and civic inclusion, health and wellbeing. Many people continue to be digitally excluded and, importantly, as technology changes there is a growing risk of a participation gap in terms of a person's ability to engage with technology. Inclusion is evolving with changes in technology and the way we teach.

As a Trust, we are now in our second year of this project with our current year 3 and year 4 classes all having 1:1 devices to enhance their learning in class as well as opportunities for supporting home learning activities.

Project Aims:

  • have more opportunities to learn alongside peers;
  • be given more problem solving opportunities;
  • build skills and have opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn in new ways;
  • foster creativity and critical thinking;
  • promote self-learning by the students.

 This approach to learning is in line with our school vision and will support children at Brooklands to become curious, resilient and independent.

One of the aims is to use the technology for pupils, parents and parents/carers to work as a community to help our young learners thrive. This fits in with the vision of our learning beyond the school day. We know that some of our most disadvantaged children do not have access to technology or the affordances to have education beyond the school day.

We have shared this presentation with all year 3 and year 4 parents to inform them of how to utilise these devices as safety and appropriately as possible at home.