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Welcome to Brooklands Primary School

Welcome to Brooklands Primary School

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you, to all of us at Brooklands Primary School. We aim to provide the very best education for all our pupils. We give time, so that each child can develop academic, personal and social skills in a caring and stimulating family-type environment.

Here we believe that children learn best through direct experience. Our school curriculum is based on this principle, which captures interest, stimulates enthusiasm and provides learning opportunities for pupils of all abilities.

At Brooklands, pupils are encouraged to take an increasing responsibility for their learning, which we believe promotes greater confidence and independence, preparing them for their future life.

We promote the highest standards of behaviour and believe children should develop strong moral values and a respect for themselves and others. We have a great variety of academic, sporting and creative opportunities at Brooklands and we encourage all of our pupils to take full advantage of them.

We are a school that sets high expectations, where everyone connected with the school is positively encouraged to do their best and where achievement is constantly recognised, appreciated and rewarded. Brooklands is a place to learn and where opportunity and fairness for all are paramount in our educational beliefs.

Nick Osborne, Executive Headteacher

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